Computational Workshop @ Kookmin University + Kyonggi University

I will be running a Maya workshop for Jinbok Wie’s studios at Kookmin and Kyonggi University this coming week.

Tutors: 김지호 (, + 위진복 (
The workshop will be dedicated to constituting the artificial process of transformation of material information. This process will target comprehension of how extensities are formed into intensities. The STUDIO will deal with form as field which is full of dynamic strengths, rather than reductive physics. The STUDIO will work with the materiality of matter implying the changes of modes and the shifts of energy, rather than materials in modern manner. The introduction of dynamic modelling tools from Maya will give the STUDIO the learning of the capabilities of the program, coupled with the understanding of the relevant parameters of the subject studied: nCloth, IK, particle-dynamics, soft bodies, expressions, and etc. If relevant, some other parametric synchronization tools like grasshopper and scripts will be possibly introduced.

‘Bone’ will be dealt with in two scales of material system and two levels information exchange that enriches the subject, ENGINEERING VERTICALITY. TWO SCALES: 1. The microscopic level of the internality and the individuality 2. The macroscopic level of bone as collectivity TWO LEVELS: 1. The relation to other system of the body 2. The relation to external forces.

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