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Box – Sphere

Just a random study. Each cell is a a solid box carved by a sphere that is changing in shape performed by BooleanDifference in Rhino.


Learning through Repetition?

It’s been interesting to see how Korean students are almost always forced to memorize infinite amount of information as part of their education. If one fails to do so, unwanted consequences ranging from lower test scores to physical punishments follow. In efforts to compete and be successful in this system, the students often choose a path that maximizes their ability to memorize facts: learning through repetition. From this a type of art emerge, the process of learning is expressed through blank pieces of paper, ink, and time. The students refer to this as Ggamji meaning black paper.


It’s interesting to find that Koreans from few hundred years ago also had very similar ways of learning. These are scans of old books that you can easily buy all over Korea. These are traces of students from the past copying their textbooks over and over to memorize the contents. It’s a funny feeling buying thousands of hours of one’s effort to learn with just a few bucks.